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Is Teens Sleepover at each other place ok?


Today’s generation thinks differently, as they find no problem to sleep at each other house. Is It also ok with their parents? Would they allow their child to stay in night to their friends place? Being a parent, they are worried about their child sleepover at someone place but they can’t argue as that was night time. It is big deal for parents to allow teens sleepover at each other place.

Questions Guys have in their mind about Bra


Guys generally have lot of questions about bra and foremost one is why one need to wear a bra and how would one know about her size. Guys always remain curious to know about girly stuff and especially to know about girl’s inner wear as bra come in so many different types . So it is obvious that guys have questions in their mind about bra.

Skipping Schools linked to have Unprotected Sex


A survey revealed that the teens who skipped their schools and have no proper knowledge about sexual relationships are significantly linked to have the unprotected sex as they make less use of condoms. Teens have no knowledge about what would be the consequences of having sex without use condom as they had skipped classes which linked to less use of condoms.

Health care

Benefits of Drinking Water


Human body is consist of 60% water and thus major funtionality of our body depends upon quantity of water present in our body. Digestion require water to throw out the waste from the body.  Human Body can’t work properly if it gets dehydrated so it is very important to drink water as much as you can.  Drinking sufficient water is beneficial for our health.

Reasons for the Causes of Kidney Stone


Kidney Stone occurs in body due to low fuild intake and having diet that contains diuretics and calcium based antacids. It badly effects the funtionality of kidney and causes pain. Kidney stone pain are of different types but it causes due to our improper diet and less intake of liquids.

Do You know having certain amount of Beer is Healthy for our Body?


Like Wine, Beer also has health benefits if it is taken in limited quantity on daily basis. It strenghthen our bones and prevent us from heart diseases. But never drink it in excess as excessive use of anything is harmful.  Beer should be taken in certain quantity to experience  its health benefits and avoid heart failures or any kind of diseases.

Are you aware about the Health Benefits of Vitamin A?


Vitamins plays important role in Human Body like vitamin A helps in healthy bone growth and makes our vision stronger. Vitamin A is also known as fat soluble antioxidant. It helps strengthen vision, support the immune system and assists with normal organ function and reproduction.Vitamins essential for our health.

What is Liver Toxicity and its symptoms?


Liver Toxicity basically means toxication of liver which can be caused due to several reasons and symptoms of liver toxicity include migraine pain, joint and muscle pain etc. Liver Toxicity can cause serious problems like it can damage your liver and other organs.

What are Health Benefits of Vitamin C?


Vitamin C is necessity of human body and it acts like an antioxidant. Basically citrus fruits and vegetable contains vitamin c which helps to repair the dead cells of your body. Vitamin C helps to fight against scurvy.


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