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Sunscreen- Protects From Harmful UV Rays in Summers

Summer’s heat causes damage to our skin and increases the risk of skin cancer. One of best way to prevent from harmful UVA and UVB rays is to apply best spf 50 sun protection cream.

Best Medical Courses for Girls

Medical field is the most reputed profession. There are different types of medical degree, so for acquiring job in the medical field one need medical degree. This article helps in determing good medical degree for girls that helps them to have secure future.

Being Trendy and fashionale keep us  Healthy

When you look good in some attire, you attain a confidence and this confidence adds different charm to your personality. Being fashionable not only gives you confidence but also improves your health.  So stay trendy and fashionable.

Health Checklist for Spectators of Euro Cup 2016

Franch is going to organise UEFA 2016 European Football Championship. People from different countries visit this big event require a health check list for entrance. Euro Cup is organised in Franch this year.

Benefits of Folic acid in Pregnancy

During Pregnancy, woman needs to have sufficient folic acid in her body so that she can prevent her baby from being overweight and to avoid neutral tube defects. So , a lady must have folic acid during pregnancy.

Skin problems in college students due to increase in stress level

When stress level in human body increases, it start causing skin diseases. This is proved by survey done in 2014 in Temple University that increasing stress level cause skin diseases. hen stress level in human body increases, it start causing skin diseases. This is proved by survey done in 2014 in Temple University.

How fasting fight against fatty liver diseases

When we are on fast, a Stress molecule reduces the amount of fatty acid in liver and regulates the sugar metabolism and hence helps to cure fatty liver diseases.

How youghters are greatly affected by social media

Social Media Addicts forget to socialize with people in real life and remain busy on social sites. This not only affects their social life but also affect their health.


Do know about the love hormone responsible for falling in love

People Fall in love when a love hormone Oxytocin secrets in human body because Oxytocin hormone responsible for love helps in inculcate the bonding & feeling of love.

Do you feel your attracts towards another man

Have sleep with a person other than your relationship is not so bad as many people have an urge to have sex outside the relationship. This is the matter of understanding between a couple.

A Girl First Drunk Sexual Experience

You do drink then you will have sex with your partner with more satisfaction. But this is not true. It is actually a risk for Girl having First Sexual Experience. Drunk sex can create a big problem for girl.

Sex life

Obesity can effects Male Fertility

Obesity and Overweight leads to hormonal changes in Human Body and ultimately causes sexual problem in males. The sperm count becomes low in obese man. Obesity can cause male infertility.

Is Love and Sex Energy Boosters?

Love and sex are not only pleasurable feelings but they also improves the quality of human life. These are consider as keystone for healthier life.

Natural  Beauty

Do feel you look older at early age

Some people start looking older than their actually age. The reason behind this can be stress or may be they get affected by genetic factor and enviromental issues.

How to treat acnes at home without spending money

Acnes are generally caused due to hormonal changes in human body. You can treat acne by taking medications for several months or by trying some home remedies for acne.


How sleep  is necessary for school going child

Sleep actually plays key role in child development, but only few parents know how much sleep is necesarry for the health of their growing child. Thus proper sleep is must for child.

Weight loss

Where does the body fat go after losing weight

Body fat burns when you do regular exercise and have proper diet . Your body fat exhale as carbon dioxide when you lose weight and thus you get perfectly shaped body.

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